Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Toes, Fingers, and Goop!

So, this week we have been learning about our 5 senses.  Today was all about the sense of touch.  My plan was to have them finger paint during center time.  But after discussing the fact that you can feel and touch things with different parts of your body (not just your hands) we were inspired  to try TOE PAINTING! 

Finger painting was fun too! 
These two young ladies were  very dainty painters.

We couldn't forget the goop!!!
If you have never made goop for your students or children, it's not too late!
Super easy, just corn starch and water.  One of the kids in this picture has some sensory issues.  I really thought I would have to coax him to try things today. 
 He had a great time playing in the goop AND toe painting!!

I had to add this picture! 
 We are having a spirit week for homecoming at our school.
 Today was "twin day". 
 Me and my awesome aide!!!

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