Friday, April 25, 2014

Ocean Week in Preschool

I love ocean week! It is different every year and I always learn something new myself!  I begin by reading a few ocean books to the kids and then ask them which animals they would like to learn about.  I write down each student's answer on a poster and we get started.  Each day we take 1-2 of the animals on the list to learn about.  As we learn about each animal we actually make that animal and add it to the class bulletin board.  The student's share what they have learned and we write their answers on bubbles to add to the board.  Here is the finished bulletin board.   

Here are a few behind the scene shots.....

  I can't bring the ocean into the classroom or take the students to the beach.  What's the next best thing?  Goldfish in the sensory table!  I didn't get a very good picture this year of the fish.  The kids absolutely love watching them for a few days!

Here are a few pictures of some of the ocean themed centers that were open during the week.  These are activities from my "Ocean and Beach Fun Unit", available at my TpT Store.  

This is a freebie I made, "Ocean Hidden Pictures".
  Fun activity to use for counting and number writing practice.

We ended our two week ocean unit with a beach party!  The students brought their swim suits, beach towels and sunglasses for our "indoor" beach party.  After watching some videos of kids surfing and listening to some Beach Boy's  music we were ready to make our own surf boards. 

Surf's up!!