Thursday, October 17, 2013

Echolocation and a Slinky!!

We had so much fun learning about "echolocation" today.
  I began by explaining how echolocation works and why bats use it to find nocturnal prey. 
 Then we had some fun.....
We acted it out.  I was the bat while the students took turns choosing which nocturnal prey they would be.  I pretended to use my echolocation to find my little lightening bugs, mosquitoes, moths, and mice!
Then we watched the perfect video about echolocation!
After watching this super cute video we tried it out.

1. I took a metal slinky and tied two pieces of yarn on one end.

2. Take each piece of yarn and wrap around your index fingers.

3. Insert your finger tips into your ears.

As the slinky bounces sound waves travel up through the yarn.  
The sound it makes is very interesting!  

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