Saturday, May 11, 2013

"Share Some Kindness" (FREEBIE)

My latest product was inspired by a radio station! I listen to an awesome Christian radio station called 99.1 The Joy FM.  (Check it out, you can listen to it online from anywhere!) Anyway, they do this thing at the beginning of each month called "Share Some Joy".  They encourage their listeners to do random acts of kindness for others. Like, buy the persons coffee in line behind you at the gas station or pay for the persons order behind you in line in the drive thru. 

So I was thinking, with all of the bullying in schools and violence everywhere, how could we spread more kindness to others?  That question is for us as adults and for our students!

I created "Share Some Kindness".
  These are simple little notes that can be used at home, school, or work and by anyone!

Click on the picture above to get them for free!
Go ahead, "Share Some Kindness" with someone!

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