Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Blocks and Storytime Outside

Another beautiful day and rain coming tomorrow. 
 Out we went again today! 
  We gathered up our blocks and took them outside.   

 Each student took two blocks, taking turns we slowly 
added them together to build bridges in different habitats.
 We had to stay on the bridge or the animals of that habitat might see us!

This is such a great ABC book to use when learning about animals. 
 Great pictures of the animals and shows children how to move like the animals.
Get those kids moving!
"F" is for flap your wings like a macaw!

"H" is for howl like a wolf pup!

"Q" is for quack like a duck!

"R" is for ride like a young gorilla!
(We have an odd number of kids so I got to be the momma gorilla!)


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