Friday, March 7, 2014

Superhero Week

This is one of our favorite weeks!  Check out some of the fun we had!

The kids LOVED learning how to fly....
 Each child brought an old t-shirt from home that we used to make capes.  
They were welcome to dress up as superheroes all week if they wanted. 
 I had some little boys that were more than happy to wear their Halloween costumes again!
 We discussed the character traits of superheroes and ways we could have those same traits everyday.

 We also learned about some superhero's weaknesses.  
We were very careful not to touch the "kryptonite" as we had races to fill our buckets.
 We used our wrist shields to protect ourselves from the Bubbles of Doom!  
 Our superhero boots came in helpful too!
 Who says Venn Diagrams are only for big kids!  
We found things that were the same and different between Superman and Spiderman.
 We learned about the "super power" of static electricity.  
Rub a balloon on the carpet then hold it just above a plate of salt.  
The salt jumps up and clings onto the balloon!
 Some were curious what else they could get the balloon to stick to.  
Then they found the air vent! Amazing fun!
 Magnets were another fun "super power" to explore.

 The girls loved it just as much as the boys!
So did we!


  1. I am a new reader, and also teach pre-k. I have some questions if you wouldn't mind answering. Are you teaching in a public school? Also how many students do you have? Do you have your assistant full time? Also, is your program half day or full day?

  2. Hi Kelly, thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm sorry that I am just getting back to you! I'd love to answer your questions.
    1. Yes, I teach in a public school. My building is pre-k - 5th grade.
    2. I have 30 students total. I teach a morning and afternoon class, each class has 15 students.
    3. Yes, my para/assistant is with me all day everyday. She's awesome!!
    4. Each class is 2 1/2 hours. I have an hour and 45 minute prep between classes.

    I hope I answered everything for you. Pre-K kids are the best! Enjoy!

  3. I've been searching for a new pre-k program for my youngest. We are moving soon and so I will need to enroll him somewhere different from his siblings. How can I find a good place to take him? I'm just wondering if there were resources for finding different options in the new town we're moving to.