Friday, November 8, 2013

Building Scarecrows

We built REAL scarecrows this week!  
Such a great opportunity for children to experience teamwork and accomplishment.
 It was so much fun!

I had planned to attach them to poles and stand them up outside our classroom
 window but mother nature gave us rain instead.
Plan B..... Lawn chairs in our classroom!

The kids were so excited that we brought them inside.  
This little one decided to teach them to count with some flash cards.
The rain finally stopped and we had a sunny ending to our week.  We took the scarecrows, which now have names "Scarecrow and Cha-nae-nae", outside to enjoy the day.  We decided to take some corn from the sensory table out to share with the crows.

This led to an unexpected science experiment. 
 "Are crows really scared of scarecrows?"
The students made their predictions.
And then we waited.....

We didn't see anything today.  
We are going to keep an eye on them next week.  I'll let you know if we have any visitors!

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  1. What a stinkin' cute idea! I love the picture of the kiddos looking outside WAITING to see something! Amber ~ Kindergarten Rocks Blog