Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Chicken Life Cycle Week!

This week will be all about the chicken life cycle.  The eggs arrived and the students are sooooooo excited!  One of my little guys even said he had been waiting his entire life for this! I am totally addicted now to blogging and TpT.  The creative juices were flowing over spring break.  Here are some of my new products in action!
We have mastered counting but number writing is still challenging for some of my kiddos.
  I made this fun number practice activity for them with a twist of science!
  Oviparous animals!
Chicken life cycle puzzle. 
They built the puzzle, drew it on the white board and acted it out today! 

Egg sorting by color.  Group game today, center activity tomorrow. 
 Most of my students have this concept down but there are a few
 that need the extra practice.
My students have been hooked on memory games and are getting really
 good at them.  I thought it was time for a different game. I made a game for
 them called "Go on an Egg Hunt".  It's a variation of the classic game "Go Fish".
  They LOVED it!  

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